Put your people
in the picture

We create award-winning, visual communication systems that share the big picture of your organisation

Our ‘Learning Map System’ is a tried and tested method for putting your people in the picture and getting them fully up to speed with your organisation’s vision, values and priorities.

We provide award-winning tools that engage people in meaningful discussions about the direction of your organisation and their role within it.  By visualising your organisation, its challenges and opportunities and bringing it all to life with compelling narrative and dialogue, our Learning Map System brings ‘lightbulb moments’ of realisation as employees get fully immersed in the organisation’s ‘big picture’, often for the first time.

Drive a step-change in performance

By putting the Learning Map System to work, our customers have elevated their internal communications to a new level. They have won awards for employee engagement, improved staff loyalty and motivation, increased customer satisfaction, and made a step-change in business performance. Read some of their stories below.

The Learning Map System

Our innovative Learning Map methodology has been developed over two decades of working with successful UK and international organisations. Built on proven principles of effective employee communication, each Learning Map System is tailored in format, style, content and approach, custom-built to meet your specific communications needs.

The core component of your Learning Map System will be, in the broadest terms, a big picture.  This will convey the detail of your story using imagery and narrative.  The rest of your system – a series of custom-built activities, games, jigsaws, challenges and discussions – will align with your specific communications objectives.

The more connected you and your team are to the big picture, the more effectively you can work together to bring your future plans to life.

Our impact

We have helped hundreds of organisations to put over half a million employees in the picture, across six continents and in more than 50 countries.  Our Learning Map Systems have been translated into more than 25 different languages.

What our clients say about us

The value of a consistent story and messages being shared across teams, departments, countries and even continents is highly prized. It has been applied across all business functions – from manufacturing to finance – in diverse sectors – from food to aerospace – and our international translation services mean your employees get the same message, whatever their first language.  Don’t just take our word for it.  Read what our clients say about us below.

Our latest blogs

At BigPicture Learning, we not only create big pictures, we also have some big ideas that we share through our blogs. Read about our latest thinking by clicking on any of our blogs below. There are many more on on our Big ideas page.