Engineers and technicians put safety first across 3,000 UK retail sites

The facts and stats

Business priorities: Policies and procedures
Sector: Retail maintenance
Lead contact: Technical Training Manager
Employees in the picture: 1,200+
Locations: Over 3,000 sites in the UK
Lead time to launch day: 6 months

“The level of engagement and buy-in we’ve got has been amazing. There is such a buzz around the business about our Learning Map System. This is the best engagement tool we’ve used anywhere in the organisation!”

Technical Training Manager, Tesco Maintenance

Our client, Tesco Maintenance

Tesco Maintenance is one of the leading retail maintenance providers, delivering maintenance and engineering solutions to over 3,000 Tesco stores, distribution centres, offices, Tesco Bank and data centres across the UK.

The communications challenge

Tesco Maintenance were looking for a method for improving staff engagement in health and safety policy. Whilst safety performance was already at a high standard, Tesco Maintenance recognised that their 300 front-line engineers, almost 900 in-store and mobile technicians and many specialist and contract staff, were key to elevating the number of observable safe behaviours even further.

To achieve their ambition of eliminating unsafe acts and accidents amongst this critical part of their workforce, they needed a way to engage them in effective dialogue about safety in an educational but fun and interactive way. The chosen approach needed to heighten awareness of hazards and risk controls, but also to embed a thorough understanding of how their part in health and safety links to the big picture associated with “doing good business”.

Putting people in the picture

Our planning and design process, involved working closely with the Tesco Maintenance Technical Training Manager to develop a Learning Map System that improved staff engagement in health and safety policy, as follows:

A unique Learning Map formatted as a highly interactive classic board game with a detailed representation of a Tesco retail store at the centre.  Teams compete for points earned by demonstrating health and safety knowledge and skill, whilst avoiding the pitfalls of ‘unsafe acts’ and ‘unsafe conditions’.

A custom-designed series of action learning tools give everyone the opportunity to discuss how they feel about health and safety in the workplace and their role in keeping themselves and their colleagues free from injury. At the same time, the players learn about the hazards in their workplace as well as the key focus areas for accident and incident reduction and how they can play a role in contributing to that. Importantly the game concludes with participants identifying actions and commitments they pledge to follow up on, and to always put ‘Safety First’

A comprehensive facilitator guide and toolkit to enable a consistently high-quality experience for both internal facilitators and participants.

Step-change in performance

Roll-out is just underway in 2019 and initial feedback has been excellent.  Tesco Maintenance and BigPicture Learning are still monitoring safety performance and gathering feedback from facilitators and employees to measure the impact.

However, the initial impact has been so great, Tesco Maintenance have requested that the game now be adapted for their Distribution Centres in order to ensure their staff who work there can be included in the process.

“We’ve seen fantastic engagement and buy-in to ‘The Safety First Game’ developed for us by BigPicture.”

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