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At BigPicture Learning, we’re passionate about employee engagement and communication in the workplace, and keep an eager eye on news, current thinking, and future developments that affect the way we all work.

We’ve condensed the most provocative, insightful and interesting news and blogs that we’ve read from the past month into this article. You can read:

  • About a recent survey that has found three quarters of employees in the UK would welcome a four-day working week, with almost half saying they would be prepared to take a pro-rata pay cut to do so. Around a third of employees are unhappy with their work/life balance. Work flexibility and the ability to work remotely also rank highly in people’s wish lists.


  • How the growing trend of gamification in the workplace is helping to motivate employees and boost productivity. Tapping into an individual’s thought processes, gamification is used to attract, engage, incentivise, and reward employees. Little wonder that the One4allRewards Gamification Report finds that almost half of UK businesses have implemented a gamification rewards and bonus system.


  • How using gamification can boost learning in your organisation. Used well, this technique helps make mundane or dry topics engaging and interesting. When people are engaged in learning, they develop skills more quickly, and these skills can be deployed to improve productivity and morale.


  • That a third of managers are failing to use employee appraisals effectively. While they should be an opportunity to engage employees in their work, a lack of follow up is negating their effectiveness. Employees want to know their goals and how well they are doing. If there are no check-ins, employees feel that targets set are not important.

We hope they help to inform and inspire, and perhaps provide discussion ideas for your next team huddle. If there’s anything we’ve missed or a topic you’d like us to tackle for you, please get in touch.


Three-quarters of UK employees are in favour of a four-day working week

Three-quarters (75%) of UK employees are in favour of a four-day working week, even if they it would mean fitting full-time hours from a five-day week into a shorter timeframe, according to research by financial comparison website (Read more)


Gamification boosts workforce productivity

A key objective for many UK businesses is to motivate their workers, increase employee productivity and reduce staff turnover. It’s a fact that happy workers are more productive. Employees who enjoy their work and are happy within their role will perform better, work harder and remain with a company longer. Enter gamification. (Read more)


Why your organisation should employ gamification

Well-designed gamification can increase participation rates, encourage engagement and improve the retention of information. It also plays well with the challenges of engaging millennials who make up the largest segment of today’s workforce. (Read more)


One-third of managers don’t follow up on action items from performance check-ins

In a succession of studies, employees have shown a preference for more frequent assessments, considering them more valuable than the traditional once-a-year meeting. As Appraisd noted, regular check-ins are vital to building employee engagement; exchanging valuable information; and providing timely, constructive and relevant feedback. (Read more)


We hope you find these stories informative, and please feel free to share this article with your colleagues and wider network. Once again, if there’s anything we’ve missed or a topic you’d like us to include in future digests, please get in touch.

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