What is the Learning Map System?

A Learning Map itself is a very large, visually rich, ‘big picture’ explored by small groups or teams of 5-10 people.  It shows information and concepts in a targeted, stimulating and challenging way and helps employees visualise new concepts and processes.  Together with the other components in a Learning Map System, it encourages group interaction and discussion on key learning points thus providing open forum for views and learning.

The Learning Map System fuses strategy with insight and understanding giving your people clarity around ‘my role’ and the fit with vision and priorities.  It enables rapid, consistent communication and learning across entire company populations.

The Learning Map System combines the visual impact of video, the interactivity of a board game and the dynamics of informal discussion. Our clients consistently report back on ‘lightbulb moments’ of realisation when their people see and understand the big picture for the first time when they launch their Learning Map System, paving the way for a step-change in business performance.  This is a proven methodology that gets results.

How Mercer reinvigorated their staff induction process with a Learning Map System: A discussion between Mercer’s Nicola Black and CIPD’s Philippa Lamb

The Learning Map

At the heart of every Learning Map System is the Learning Map itself.  In the broadest terms, this will be a big picture which is expertly designed to convey even the most intricate detail of the story you need to get across. Imagery and narrative that is unsurpassed in both ingenuity and clarity will bring your big picture to life; we have successfully incorporated everything from metaphors and schematics to infographics into Learning Maps to great effect.

But, of course, your Learning Map System will be so much more than simply a well-constructed graphic. Crucially it will be an integrated set of tools and materials designed to achieve maximum interactivity, to encourage and enable your employees to fully engage in your big picture, and to complement your internal communications approach.

Your Learning Map can take many different forms, but with the consistent aim of providing a focal point that brings drive and energy to group discussions, whilst directing more purposeful dialogue around the issues that are high on your organisation’s agenda.

As we get to know more about you and your organisation during our development process, we will develop a full understanding of what you’re trying to achieve. Then, building on two decades of experience of working with organisations in the UK and internationally, we will be ready to advise on what formats would work best for you.


Examples of the different forms our Learning Maps have taken (click on the images to see more):

A vibrant table-sized mat, printed on high quality, hard-wearing, vinyl, that can be folded or rolled for transportation

A jigsaw that enables you to progressively reveal your big picture during learning sessions, and that is easy to store

A board game that encourages conversation and teamwork whilst deepening learners’ understanding of key issues

Digital formats including eLearning, as well as gamification and augmented reality that are now under development

Want a demo of interactive Learning Map formats?

Your action-based learning tools

Your Learning Map can be enriched by a system of action-based learning tools which are expertly designed to improve engagement, buy-in and understanding, so people can fully engage with your big picture at a level that simply wouldn’t be possible through more traditional communications.  You can confidently expect the combined impact of your Learning Map and unique action-based learning tools to be a ‘lightbulb moment’ of realisation as your people see and understand your big picture, often for the first time.

Action-based learning tools will be developed for integration into your unique Learning Map System using your own company data, videos, survey results and marketplace statistics, as well as a bespoke series of interesting and informative activities and challenges for the participants.


Examples of our action-based learning tools developed for clients (click on the images to see more):

Challenges, quizzes and puzzles to improve engagement and accelerate learning

Discussion materials and conversation starters to stimulate debate

Company data and stories to encourage group dialogue and deepen learning

Want a demo of action-based learning tools?

Your facilitator support materials

An important success factor when you start the roll-out of your Learning Map System is consistency of message across your entire workforce, and the key to this is a trained team of facilitators equipped with comprehensive instructions for every aspect of Learning Map sessions.

Over almost two decades our clients have consistently found that the best people to put their Learning Map System into action are their own employees, as they have a deep, first-hand understanding of the organisation and can relate to participants through peer-to-peer learning.  So, to help you to achieve this, another important component of Your Learning Map System is a comprehensive, professionally produced Facilitator Guide and support notes, for which full training will be given.

Once you have mobilised your internal facilitation team, your Learning Map sessions can start. With facilitators’ help, participants can take control of their own learning, helped by someone they know and trust who is there to support both the process and the discussion.  The role of the facilitator in these sessions is to encourage their group’s involvement, keeping them focused and ultimately ensuring your unique communications goals are achieved.

Client case studies

The rich combination of components in our Learning Map Systems have put our clients’ people in the picture building engagement and buy-in to their organisational priorities. Our Learning Map Systems have helped our clients to share their vision and strategies, engage whole organisations around corporate values, communicate complex policies and procedures and implement change. Read some of their stories below.

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